In the name of the Fasnacht committee and the Nassereith carnival participants, I would like to wish you a warm welcome and thank you for your interest! Nassereith is one of the few places in Tyrol in which the traditional old Fasnacht carnival customs are still kept alive today.

Every three years, the whole village devotes itself with abandon to an ancient, almost mystical tradition that has a special significance in Tyrolean customs: the Nassereith Schellerlaufen pageant!

When we now hear the sound of the bells, the snapping of the whip-crackers, or the whooping of the “sack woman” again after so long, the whole village is gripped with fascination and excitement about the Nassereith Fasnacht carnival.

We in Nassereith are naturally very proud of our carnival, everyone identifies with it, and this is the only explanation of why an event of this magnitude, with more than 450 men and boys participating, is able to take place. Every active participant often makes significant financial sacrifices in addition to their hard work, dedication, and commitment. Whichever role they play, the Nassereith carnival participants share the same goal: to put on a great carnival!

The "Schellerlaufen" pageant has to be performed according to the old customs and exactly following the rules that have been passed down. Even though only the boys and men are allowed to actively participate in the Fasnacht carnival, the women of the village are often even more involved in the preparations, and are hugely important for putting on the Nassereith Fasnacht carnival. The costumes are sewn, embroidered, and decorated with great care, time dedicated, and above all a love for detail.

As well as organising the "Schellerlaufen" pageant, we on the Fasnacht committee have also taken on a huge commitment to preserve our customs and pass them on to the younger generations of the village as unaltered as possible.

In the name of all Nassereith Fasnacht participants, I would like to thank you for your interest and invite you to be there at the next Schellerlaufen pageant on the 12th February 2023 in Nassereith!

Spielmann Gerhard
(carnival chairman)